• Image of "Treeline" hand painted wooden ring

"Tiniest Bee" - hand painted wooden ring

This ring is a little broodier than my other designs and evokes a wintry feel. I am enjoying playing with the way the forest wraps around the finger on these. The trees are small and layered, giving good detail. The size is a bit bigger, typically suited to a man's finger or a woman's thumb.

The piece is hand painted with acrylic on wood and coated with a protective varnish. The top is flat and the ring itself is round. These rings are meant for regular wear, but they are wooden, so heavy water contact is not recommended. Removing to do things like wash dishes will ensure that your painted piece stays in good condition for a long time.

approx. size, 11.5

This is a finished, original piece. Reproduction rights do not transfer with sale. Copyright of the artist. Please credit images if shared.

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